Church Homecoming

This weekend was the Annual Homecoming for the church my dad grew up in. In fact, he helped my grandfather build part of it a long time ago (the old part as he calls it). We’ve been attending this homecoming since I was a little kid. We used to eat outside at the picnic tables, but the church has grown so much since then that they had to build onto it. Our family attendees have dwindled down to just 5 now. But we used to have 25 or more who came. Most of my family left this area a long time ago and they became members at different churches. A lot of them have passed away too.

As always, the food was excellent. Check out my plate:


You simply cannot beat homemade chicken n dumplins. I could’ve gotten more, but there were a lot of people there (more than I’ve ever seen actually) and I wanted to make sure they had some too. I didn’t know many of the people there and this time, my parents didn’t either. That’s what happens as you get older.

I enjoyed visiting with a cousin and then it was time to go. Before leaving, I took a walk around the church and remembered the times we were there before. The lake level is up pretty high already and even though it was raining, it was truly beautiful.



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