Davy Crockett Tavern Visit

I have lived in Morristown for a long time, but I had never toured the Davy Crockett Tavern Museum, which is honestly quite ridiculous. But I finally visited recently and was splendidly surprised. I thought I was only going to get to see one room, but there’s a LOT more to see there.

First stop was the basement. YES there’s a basement. In fact, there are 2 rooms there. The first one contained all sorts of equipment and artifacts. The second one contained a loom and a spinning wheel.


The main level included an open room with more artifacts and a bedroom with various animal hats and pelts.

The tour guides were amazing and full of knowledge and my group was also treated with stories told by Jim Claborn, himself. I’m so happy I went!

If you’ve not visited, please do so! It is well worth your time!


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