Do You Like School?

Growing up back in the 1980s, I was asked this question a lot:  “Do you like school?” My answer, especially in grade school, was “YES, I love school.” My kids still get asked this question, but their answer is usually, “NO. School is boring. I hate getting up early.”

Tonight it occurred to me that the perception of going to school has changed SO much over the past 60 years. My mother speaks of school fondly. She graduated in the early 1960s from high school. She has always said she had to “work her way through high school”, which never made any sense to me as a kid, because school is free. What I didn’t realize then is that Mom had to buy her clothes, food, etc. and she had to have a job to get those things. I get it now. In the late 1950s and 1960s, there wasn’t all the technology and information overload that there is now either. School was a place for community, socializing, meeting your future spouse, sports, and learning. I honestly don’t believe school serves those same purposes these days.

I look around the community and I see lots of private schools in existence or being built and I know lots of parents who homeschool or are planning on doing so. What else has changed in the public school system for people to seek these other options?

What do y’all think? I’d be anxious to hear.


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