Hi Everyone!

It’s been a minute since I’ve written a post. It’s been a long year that’s really flown by. I had a close family member pass away and another one is sick. School ended and started up again. As I get older, time sure flies by.

My post today is about lying. When you catch someone in a lie, it really hurts. It makes you wonder why they did it. Was it to gain advantage over you or another? Was it to spare your feelings? Was it a white lie? Why are white lies supposed to be so much less hurtful? My whole life, I’ve heard people say, “I just want you to be straight with me”. But, do people really want that?

The lie I found out about today was told about me to gain advantage over someone else. It was purely to take advantage of another and that is really bothering me.

Anyways, next time you think about lying to someone, think again. Are you lying to spare them or are you lying to spare YOU?

Hope y’all have a good summer; I’m ready for fall.


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