Visiting Cemeteries

When I was little, my mother taught me the importance of paying respect to those who have died. She took me to funeral homes any time a friend or acquaintance or family member of a friend or acquaintance had passed away. Sometimes we just went after she picked me up from school to sign the book. Other times, we got dressed up and attended the “receiving friends and family”. If Mom knew the deceased person well, she would actually touch them and hold their hand some times. That always weirded me out. Now, as an adult, I realize that was her way of saying goodbye.

Yesterday was Memorial Day so Mom and I went to visit her parents’ graves. I never knew my grandparents since there were dead or died when I was younger than 5 months of age. Mom always fills me in on who we are related to and such. She also tells lots of stories about our family. First we went to visit her mother’s grave. Her mother is buried beside of her first husband who died from TB when he was 34. After that we visited her father and brother who are buried in another cemetery on the lake. It’s really very pretty and very well taken care of.



Some people think that cemeteries are creepy or spooky, but I think they’re so interesting. There’s so much history there waiting to be told. I enjoy looking at the graves and markers. I also enjoy visiting with loved ones.


Hope y’all had a good Memorial Day,



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