Festival Time in East Tennessee

I should’ve already done this, but it just hit me that there is so much going on this weekend! First of all, the local high schools are holding commencement ceremonies tonight and then tomorrow, there are 3 festivals in the area I wanted y’all to know about.

The first one is the Morristown Strawberry Festival:  http://www.morristownstrawberryfestival.com/ This festival is free and takes place tomorrow, May 20th. I have been a couple of times over the years and I recommend it. The strawberries are FABULOUS! You can buy them or pick them yourselves. Picking always sounds like such a good idea to me until I get started doing it.

Another one is taking place in Greeneville, the Iris Festival:  http://www.greenecountypartnership.com/events/iris-festival-1/ This festival lasts the entire weekend. The iris is one of Tennessee’s state symbols, the state cultivated flower. I haven’t been to this festival, but it looks like tons of fun.

And finally, the Smoky Mountain Scottish Festival and Games being held at Maryville College:  http://smokymountaingames.org/ I haven’t been to this one because it usually coincides with other goings on. But it looks like lots of fun too. I’m especially interested in the Clans and finding out which one I belong to. There are many people in the East Tennessee area who are descendants of Scotland and Ireland as you already know. If you can’t make this festival, I recommend going to Dandridge in September for the Scots-Irish Festival:  http://www.scots-irish.com/ They also have people there who can help you with your ancestry.

Next time, I will try to do better about publicizing these festivals! Hope to see y’all there!


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