Why am I doing this blog?

Every day I see things in the news that drive me absolutely crazy. I see at least 10 things each day that I want to write about just from Facebook. That doesn’t include what I hear on the radio, TV news programming, and from friends and family. The reason I chose to blog is because I want share my thoughts about these issues with you for comment and feedback. I have lived in the South my entire life, with 35 years of that in Tennessee. I am married with young children. I care about many things that touch mine and my family’s lives and I plan to write about those in this blog.

Now some of you may be offended by the name of my blog. Let’s talk about the history of the word, “hillbilly”. According to Merriam-Webster, this is what it means:

Definition of hillbilly
plural hillbillies

often disparaging + offensive

 1:  a person from a backwoods area
Let’s look at that what www.wikipedia.org says:

Hillbilly is a term (often derogatory) for people who dwell in rural, mountainous areas in the United States, primarily in Appalachia and the Ozarks, Uwharrie Mountains, and Caraway Mountains. Due to its strongly stereotypical connotations, the term can be offensive to those Americans of Appalachian or Ozark heritage.

Scholars argue that the term “hillbilly” originated from Scottish dialect. The term “hill-folk” referred to people that preferred isolation from the greater society and “billy” meant “comrade” or “companion.” It is suggested that “hill-folk” and “billie” were combined when the Cameronians fled to the Highlands.
So, why would I identify myself as being something offensive? Personally, I think the use of the word hillbilly isn’t offensive. It is a word that I am proud to use to describe myself.

Now this is the definition I would use if Merriam-Webster asked me to rewrite the definition:

Definition of hillbilly
plural hillbillies

may be used to be disparaging or offensive, but that word is a source of pride for many who grew up in the hills and valleys of the Appalachian Mountains

 1:  a person not from the city
 2:  a person who is self-reliant
 3:  a person who was one of the first to recycle in this country
 4:  a person who is fiercely protective of their family and community
 5:  a person who is fiercely proud, sometimes to a fault
 6:  a person is who generous to the point of literally giving you the shirt off their back (I’ve seen my dad do this)
I certainly know that people use this word as a derogation, but I take pride in this descriptor. What do you think? Please feel free to add to this definition. I am curious to see what you’d like to add. Thanks for your input!

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